What is a Peace Bond?

In various circumstances, an individual charged with a criminal offence (Domestic Assault or otherwise) may be offered a Peace Bond as a mechanism to resolve their criminal charges. A Peace Bond is a court order that directs that the person keep the peace and be of good behaviour, and may include any number of conditions. The Peace Bond is of a specific duration in time, usually 12 months. The individual charged is told that if they enter into the Peace Bond, then the charges against them will be withdrawn. The Peace Bond ordinarily has a particular monetary value/penalty attached to it, similar to a bail, but is ordinarily without surety. Should an individual charged with a criminal offence enter into a Peace Bond? Positives: The charges are withdrawn. The Peace Bond is not a criminal record. One need not make any admissions to enter into the Peace Bond. Your lawyer…

24 Nov 2014

Can A Domestic Assault Charge Be Dropped?

11 Nov 2014

Yes, it is possible to have domestic assault charges dropped. However, the complainant or victim are not in control of this process. The power to withdraw criminal charges is held…