What Shows up in Criminal Record Searches?

Many clients charged with criminal offences express concern that they don’t want a criminal record, and rightfully so. A criminal record can affect one’s ability to travel or to obtain citizenship, and can even affect their employment. A criminal record can destroy a person’s reputation in the community. How do you get a Criminal Record? A criminal record is only acquired when someone is convicted of a crime. A person who is charged with a criminal offence still has no criminal record, as is the case with someone whose charge is withdrawn upon them, entering into a Peace Bond. Anyone who pleads guilty to an offence and obtains either a Conditional Discharge and Probation or an Absolute Discharge and Probation also has no criminal record, because these dispositions (sentences) according to Canadian law do not constitute criminal convictions. A Discharge is given special treatment by the Canadian justice system, and…

22 Jan 2015