What Does “Jurisdiction” Mean?

The word “jurisdiction” comes from the Latin word ‘juris’ meaning law, and ‘dicere’ meaning to speak. It indicates the authority granted to the courts to deal with and make decisions on legal matters. It also denotes the geographical area the authority applies to. Jurisdiction is what grants the court the power to proceed with a particular offence at a particular time. Any proceeding that is conducted without jurisdiction is a nullity, meaning it will be treated as if it never happened. What are the Preconditions for a Court to Obtain Jurisdiction? There are three preconditions that need to be satisfied before the Court can obtain jurisdiction. Information and Indictment This is the There must be a charging document before the court. This is referred to as the information or indictment. The information is the document which sets out the formal accusations against the accused. The crown must prove exactly what is charged…

18 Aug 2015