What Is the Victim Fine Surcharge (VFS)?

The Federal Victim Fine Surcharge (FVFS), as set out in s.737 of the Criminal Code of Canada, is a monetary surcharge imposed on offenders in addition to any other punishment imposed at the time of sentencing. It was established to help fund services that assist the victims of crime. It is not paid directly to the victim. The FVFS was first enacted in Canada in 1989. It has been amended several times. Previous to recent amendments, the amount of the FVFS was $50 for summary conviction offences and $100 for indictable offences, or 15% of any fine imposed on an offender as a sentence. The FVFS could be waived for impoverished offenders at the judge’s discretion. As of October 24th 2013 with the passing of Bill C-37, Increasing Offenders Accountability for Victim’s Act, the FVSF became mandatory; as well, the fine was increased to $100 for summary offences and $200…

31 Jan 2016