Changes to the Jury Selection Process

With Bill C-75 the  jury selection is to be significantly changed. Currently, both the Crown and Defence  are given the same number of preemptory challenge to be employed during the jury selection process. Peremptory challenges are defined as a defendant’s or lawyer’s objection to a proposed juror, made without needing to give a reason. Peremptory challenges are used to exclude potential jurors without explanation or reason. Both Crown and defence counsel are given the name, age and job of the potential juror for consideration. Should, based upon that information and the appearance of the potential juror, either Crown or defence counsel determine that they do not wish this proposed juror to be a juror, they can eliminate them with out explanation using one of their peremptory challenges. Criminal Code: Peremptory Challenges 634. (1) A juror may be challenged peremptorily whether or not the juror has been challenged for cause pursuant…

14 Jun 2018

Changes to Domestic Violence Law

12 Jun 2018

  As recent as March of 2018, a new bill, Bill C-75, was presented in Parliament with the overall goal of both decreasing backlog in the courts, as well as…